Your Website Name Doesn’t Match the Content . . . but it does

I recently had someone say that they felt my name Lady of Radiant Joy doesn’t the content of the website. This is fine and understandable. I rather expected someone to say that. I say it does.

I am Lady of Radiant Joy. I am Compassion & Kindness Reborn (the literal meaning of Ruth Renate combined). Part of who I am is to take a look at things deeply, and to see where things can be improved. Without being able to look at things we wish didn’t exist we’re not going to be able to transform as a species into a better species, one that engages in good stewardship over the Earth and over each other. I take great joy in improving myself and in helping others see where we can improve as a community of human beings.

If all I ever posted was going to be fluffy bunny stuff I wouldn’t have much substance. People would see through the facade. Now, yes, a lot of my posts at the moment are more serious in nature, but that is in large part due to me not realizing that I needed to bring more aspects of myself to bear, and I didn’t see that until I had the revelation on why I needed to change my name. I also didn’t realize that I was uncomfortable under the old name, which was part of what caused me to avoid making posts. (Ah, the avoidance tactic, so easy for me to do.)

I would like to share two things though. A blog post that really got me to understand more fully about kindness and how it’s not the same as being nice. Please read it here. It is excellent.

Also, please consider reading this excerpt from Thich Nhat Hanh’s book “Anger: Wisdom for Cooling the Flames.” This spoke deeply to my soul. 

May all Blessings Bright and Beautiful be yours.

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