How I Accidentally Misrepresented Myself: A very brief meeting with Carol Tuttle

I was at an Energy Healing conference in Salt Lake City this year. While there, I decided to step in line to meet Carol Tuttle. 

If you don’t know, Carol Tuttle is the author of The Child Whisperer and promotes her energy profiling program called Dressing Your Truth (DYT). You can find out more about it by Googling, but in a nutshell it’s a little like the Chinese Five Elements/Phases but instead of 5 there is 4, and and how you dress supports your main energy type.

While in line I made the decision to meet her as equals, for we are all equal in the sight of God. I didn’t want to be the simpering, oh wow, you are so great, and just fawn over her. I’m an energy healer in my own right (see, and we do equally valuable things with our time.

I also felt like I should share my struggle with her system, and how I especially had trouble with the quiz she now has in her DYT course, which wasn’t there before. I found the quiz too easy to tell which answers corresponded to which type which really makes it easy to lie to yourself (we often don’t want to accept our dominant type). It reminded me of how Pottermore used to have their quiz be real obvious too, and everyone would select answers that would sort them into Gryffindor.

I am a type three, which is a fiery, push forward, loud type person. Dynamic is a great word to describe me. I did not want to be that. Anything but that. Light and fluffy? Better. (air – Type 1). Soft and subtle? Even better. ( water – Type 2). Bold and analytical? YES. (earth – type 4). I always have felt a connection to the Earth, so in my mind I was obviously earth type 4 in Carol’s system. Also, I did not want to have to change my wardrobe much, and I had a lot of black. Lots and lots of it. It would be soooo convenient to be a 4 (T3’s like convenience because it gets things done more quickly). There were so many other good things about being a 4 Trying to perfect things, doing things right which increases satisfaction and which prepares for the future. I told myself, Heck yeah! That’s what I lead with! But, oh, that was me in denial. 

Now, we all have all  energy types within us, Carol says this a lot, it’s just about which type you lead with. And boy, I sure do not lead with type 4. No way. I had to learn to be analytical. I have a Master’s in Education, and oh yeah, analyzing was a big thing in that program; same in my undergrad. But that’s not how I naturally role. How I naturally role got me into trouble such as jumping the gun on a product offer without looking too deeply, and then getting swindled. A childhood example: When I was about 4 or 5 years old I wanted to go to the pond. My two older siblings didn’t want to take me. Parents were busy. So, I was like, fine, I’m going by myself. I knew the way, it was easy. So I went alone much to my mother’s discontent. Classic Type 3 behavior. (The Child Whisperer really helped me see this, much to my dismay.)

I have learned later in life how to run Earth energy to stay energetically grounded which has been incredibly helpful to my mental health. I run Earth energy ALLLLL the time now. It’s specifically me connecting to the planet we live on and that energy. In energy healing being grounded is a fundamental practice and it helps in my practice. I still lead with Fire (T3), but instead of being all over the place I’m more purposeful. Instead of being a fire that burns out quickly or sparks everywhere, I’m now a more steady flame. It’s like the difference between Commander Zhao in the pirate episode and season 3 Zuko from Avatar the Last Airbender.  It’s easier to be in my dominant element while energetically grounded. 

When I first started looking into the energy profiling it was when Carol worked with Mindvalley (an online course company).  I had jumped in and was like rawr, let’s do this and see what comes up, and I hit a brick wall. 
I had trouble with it since the common problems with all four types were problems that I personally had which made it hard to see where my main issue was (denying my type 3).  Welp.

Years later, I had started looking into it again because my sister discovered DYT and wanted me to look into it some more. This was just last year. I read the DYT book, but not in order. I jumped around, a lot, even though I wasn’t supposed to. I did the same thing with the Child Whisperer.  I just wanted to get the gist and be done.

So with that as background, when I approached Carol I approached her with a smile, confidence, and a handshake. I mentioned that I had started this six years ago and that I had trouble with all of the types.

My first mistake. I made it sound like I was finished with the whole process when that was not the case. She interrupted me and asked me what type I thought I was, and I was surprised. I said three and was like can’t you tell (or something to that effect) and indicated my type 3 dress. She then proceeded to tell me that I was a 4.

I said no, I was a 3, that the spirit told me to wear T3 colors (which shocked me that those colors matched up to T3, I was still convinced I was a T4)  and that I was a three. Her response was, “The Spirit is wrong.” Yeah, that shocked me something fierce. She soon backtracked that to, I don’t know why the spirit told you you were a three, it must be for some healing thing.

During the course of the conversation I tried to show her my conclusion that we each have different levels of the types, or different levels of expressing the different types, which makes it hard for some people to see their dominant type because they have so much of the other types expressing in them too. She said my whole process was very type 4.

Except that wasn’t my whole process. Not by a long shot. I was trying to be brief and had gone straight to my conclusion. The conclusion came after a long process and after prayer, and it wasn’t my first go to. I used some  analytical skills I had learned in college. But Carol didn’t see that. 

She said that there were no levels in the system and I was trying to measure everything. I wasn’t really, because you can’t measure it, but there is always going to be that group of people that don’t fit, so how do they fit? Either, the system needs expanding or the system isn’t meant for those people (
this is what I learned in college in regards to childhood temperament theory too), but she insists that everyone fits in her system as it is. 

I couldn’t say all this because she just wanted to help me know that I was a type 4 and to accept that, and even asked someone in line who was a 4 to help me with it. Sigh. No, no I’m not type 4. But I sure look like it with running Earth energy, with going straight to my conclusion, with my hair not being in a pixie cut (it was in a braid on one side, and some loose hair on the other, which was a nice asymmetrical look, asymmetry is a T3 thing), with my hair having 5 barrettes in it (2 on one side, 3 on the other, asymmetrical but parallel to each other and parallel is type 4 but really, the barrettes were triangle shaped and brown, type 3, but I was only doing that because the hair pins weren’t working to keep my hair out of my face since my hair wasn’t cooperating that day for some reason). Not to mention that I have parallel lines in my face. (She has this thing about facial profiling signifying type.) I’m sure it didn’t help that I forgot to wear my scarf around my waist (type 3’s and belts are a thing).

But I’m still a type 3. I know it. I’m going to trust the Spirit more than anyone else. One thing that Carol said at the end was, “You’re your own authority.” She said it as a type 4 trait, and I was like damn right I am. But you know what? EVERYONE is their own authority no matter what type you are. It’s just how we express it changes depending on our type! I cannot emphasis this enough. You are your own authority no matter what your dominant energy type is. It’s simply that how you express your own authority will depend on your dominant energy type!

I’m type 3. Yeah, the fiery one wear the shades, which is a pure hue with black put in, and that makes sense since it’s like adding ash from a fire. Ash, which can be quite nourishing to plant life.

I refuse to wear make up (I found I’m not the only one in the type 3 facebook group w00t). I hate all the time it takes. I hate short hair because it takes time to make it look good and you can’t sleep with it wet without going every which way.. It’s easy and fast to quickly brush and braid your hair asymmetrically on one side of your head and get going, letting the fly-aways on the other side have its way. I have set outfits that are simple and easy. I don’t usually wear a jacket or a cardigan, or vest, most of my layering comes in when I wear multiple length necklaces. I prefer to wear clothes that have a little weight to them, and I gotta be able to move in them easily. If I can’t squat in them, or sprint in them, it ain’t happening, and boots have to be waterproof so I can walk in the rain without worry.

I’m not a stereotypical type 3, but I’m still type 3. My secondary is a 2 (water, and yes, really, I’m super sensitive etc, but I’m not going to spend my time here justifying/proving my secondary). There are lots of other things I can say to “prove” or to “justify” being a type 3, but honestly, with the help of my big sister and with the help of the Spirit, I was able to accept this part of me as the part that I lead with. For me, it was like Aang from Avatar the Last Airbender, never wanting to firebend because he believed he would just hurt people, but he needed to firebend. Except in my case it was like being a firebender terrified of firebending and trying not to, and by trying not to, I would actually accidentally hurt people more often.

My word of the wise take-aways? Sometimes, trying to be brief leaves out pertinent information and gives people a false impression. Sometimes it’s worth taking a few extra seconds to give a few more details so more context is given and this instance would have really helped clarify my process.

Another take home from this is, no matter how good you are at energy healing, and at reading energy, avoid making snap judgments about people. What you see on the surface is the surface. You aren’t going to fully get the context in just a few seconds. Stop and ask, why does this person believe this about themselves? And perhaps look a little deeper. Take time to listen to WHY someone believes something about themselves. The answer may surprise you. I need to remember that in my own practice too. 

And finally, you are your own authority. Trust yourself. Are other people helpful in seeing the parts of yourself you do not? Absolutely! That was part of healing process for me! However,  with this particular experience, I know that for me, personally, if I hadn’t approached Carol as equals then I would have abdicated my authority and gone right back into denial about my fiery nature. I would have gone right back into the habit of not believing I could know myself without someone telling me or telling me what to do.  I would have assumed she was right, and that I didn’t hear the Spirit correctly, or that I misunderstood what the Spirit meant. I would have denied those experiences of the Spirit and trusted Carol more than trusting the Spirit. Moreover, trusting the Spirit to know how to give me the information that I needed to know about myself in ways that I would accept, which for me, meant several of spiritual experiences pointing me in the direction that I am type 3 so I would finally be able to hear it and accept it! 

No one is infallible. Not me, not you, not Carol, not anyone else. But you know what? Sometimes,  you’re not the one in error, even when you are talking to someone who is an expert. It’s why we tell people to get a second expert opinion at the doctor.  It’s okay to pause and consider, and to trust yourself. 

Ultimately, I believe I was guided to speak with her in order to have this experience and learn these lessons. I don’t know what Carol got out of it, but really, that’s none of my concern.  I’m not worried about it. She is her, and I am me, and it’s all good. 

I’m very grateful for Carol Tuttle’s system and for my big sister, Sarah, a type 1, who could see my energy type even though I didn’t. I don’t know how long it would have taken me to fully accept this fiery me without DYT and without Sarah’s patience. I open my closet now and I love what I see in there (mostly, I’m still not done with the transition). I adore the jewelry I wear.

And most importantly, I can firebend now. 

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