Anyone who knows me will know that I have changed my name. Here is the why of that. 

I also realized, that Compassion & Kindness Reborn is perfect as a sub title for the name Lady of Radiant Joy. Ruth means “compassion and kindness” (it often gets simplified to “friend” or “compassionate friend” I have seen “companion” and “vision of beauty” added in as well, but all pretty much the opposite of the word ruthless). My middle name Renate, means “born again” another way of saying reborn (sometimes it will read as “rebirth”, or “reborn one”).

So there is the gift my birth name, and my new name. Now, some of the content here is a bit heavy, as you can see. And that’s because I believe that being nice and being kind are not the same thing at all. It is unkind to not give people the opportunity to change for the better, this is especially the case with institutions, by they public, political, or religious. So, that is me showing kindness in a way that is raw and real, and sometimes scary.

I have some scholarly accomplishments I am proud of because I worked hard for them and to apply them to my life and work, whatever that work is.  I have an Associate of Science degree in Early Childhood Education (yes, it’s an A.S. degree not an A.A. degree) from Yuba College.  I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Child & Adolescent Development from San Jose State University. I also have a Master’s in Education (specifically multiple subject with a focus on social justice). from SJSU as well. Insert other resume type stuff such as being a three-time Dean’s Scholar, etc.]

I’m also proud of my energy healing and reading abilities because I have worked hard to improve on those skills as well. (Reiki Master, Moto-ki lvl 2, etc, you can go to to learn more about what I do there.)

I am a mother of one and a wife of one with two cats and three guinea pigs.  Energy healing (Reiki, Moto-ki, Tarot etc), metaphysics, writing, music, art, science, science fiction and fantasy, spirituality and well being, are among my interests. I’m sort of a Liberal Eclectic Mormon Mystic.

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