The Name Change

I bore the name Ruthiechan since I was 18 years old. But that part of me needed to be transformed. Here is a short version of how that came about:

Someone I was working with asked me what I preferred, Ruth or Ruthie, and I said either one is fine. But then she said, “No, it’s up to you,” and effectively got me to pause and think about what I prefer. And I realized that I do indeed prefer to be called Ruth. And that meant I didn’t want to be called Ruthiechan, and Ruthchan wouldn’t work either because “chan” is also a Chinese last name, (not just a term of endearment in Japanese between close friends and family, which is why I chose it in the first place) and a lot of people who haven’t ever met Robert do assume I’m married to someone who is Chinese, and I’m rather done with that confusion.
Well, I can’t just have Ruth as an email, so, after some pondering, what came to mind was as an email (and a new website, replacing ruthiechan site to The meaning behind the name is this: some therapy, hypnotherapy, and other types of healing sessions have been helping me move past the old and into the new with joy (even when it’s hard and I get grumpy about it). The new email name and domain name symbolizes and honors that process, and also symbolizes that I’m no longer a Lady of Sorrows but a Lady of Radiant Joy (perfectly imperfectly so). ^_^