Tarot Energy Healing

I am SO STOKED  about combining these. I really enjoy using them together in whatever way is best for the person I’m working with. Sometimes I do energy healing first and then the reading; and suddenly the person I worked on is really open receive the message the universe has to give them. Sometimes I will begin a reading and suddenly see oh snap, we got some entities to deal with or other energetic crud that needs releasing and it’s like, why wait? Let’s do it now! And boom, I got your back yo. 

So yeah, combining them is fun, and super helpful. I did a reading for myself for tomorrow and realized oh snap, I have some cleansing to do RIGHT NOW, which is fortuitous since I’m doing my FIRST EVER FAIRE. YESSSSSS. Unclogging the soul for some joyful flow yo! 

At the Center for Creative Living in San Jose CA, on Sunday, December 2nd, 2018, from 9am to 3:30pm, I am going to be combining these, and doing them $10 for 10 minutes ($15 for 15, $20 for 20, etc), and have gift certificates available. A lot can potentially happen in just a few short minutes. I worked on a lady and got rid of entity between two of her chakras, and it was 15 minutes tops to locate, remove, and bring in healing energy to replace the space left open as a result of extraction (or to use a scary term, exorcism). She has had amazing results for the last six weeks with much more vital energy, etc. 

So, yeah, it doesn’t have to take long. I have been doing readings in person and online, one on one, for a few years now, and this Faire will be fun and great. For in person one on one work I have recently begun charging $100 for an hour and a half, with a $33 minimum. But at this event there ain’t no minimum. And, of course, I’m using the Square so I can accept all major credit/debit cards! w00! 

And, of course, anyone who comes to my little table who is short on cash can always go to my Charity Healing website. That is NEVER off the table. I know what’s like to be hella poor and needin’ a hand lift me up. 

I’m in the process of revamping this website to reflect these changes so please bare with me. You can always email me at ladyofradiantjoy@gmail.com or pop me a line on Instagram @ladyofradiantjoy . 

Here is the link for event location and details:  https://www.meetup.com/Creative-Living-at-the-Center/events/256674123/

May all Blessings Bright and Beautiful be yours! 

Ruth :)