Romantic Expressions – belief and non-belief

I love you, forever. Forever, unending, continuous, always-present, always constant. For all of time, forward and back, curving like light. I love you, even after the Earth has passed away, and all things are gone, my love for you will always exist. Inside and outside of time. From eternity to eternity, from everlasting to ever lasting, looping through the cosmos, through infinity.

But you don’t love me like that. You can’t. Because you do not believe in forever. You believe that once we pass away, that the energy that moved us, gave us life, is untethered into lacking cohesion to maintain any sense of being who you were in this life. No memories, simply energy without thought, without form, without feeling. You believe that once we are dead, we are dead, gone, nothing, and that the only way we can be remembered is through the memories of the living.

It seems so sad. I was sad. But then as my mind was pondering upon the interesting poles of existence here on Earth, of those who believe in life after mortality, and those who do not, and how different it must be to live that kind of existence, I began to wonder what would life be like to believe that this life was it? Nothing else?

And then suddenly, I was in your mindset. This mortal life is it, there is no other life. We are going to die, and our years here are limited. If we’re lucky, nothing horrible will happen to shorten those years unfairly. “I love you so much, I want to spend all of limited time with you.”

I stopped walking in the hallway when this came to me. My mouth parted in a small “o”, and I was stunned, breathless. You want to spend that limited time with me. You love me so much, even when I drive you crazy sometimes, you still want to spend all of your years with me.

I watched you for a moment while you were getting ready for work with new eyes, my heart full, my eyes tearing up. How astonishingly romantic! How utterly sweet and loyal! How equally powerful it is to dream of long years with me in the only life we will ever have! It took me a long time to see it. I am so ever grateful that our love and regard for one another gave us enough time for me to see it, to feel it, and to touch it in the kiss before you left for work.

I love you forever. You love me for moments. Either way, we love each other for all the time we have here in this life on Earth. The life we are living now is the one that matters most anyway. It’s the one we’re living, and it’s Good.